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Read briefly everything you need to have a website

What services do you offer?

We offer web design and web development services. From creating brochure web sites to online stores. We are also specialized in the field of internet marketing. See our services section for more information.

How much will it cost?

It all depends on the service you choose. A typical website can start at $150 or more. In the web order order generator we have made an approximate budget to stick to. As a rule, we never disclose the exact price in advance because each job is unique in its own way. No design task is the same as any customer is different. Contact us now and we can discuss your custom requirements.

I never had a website. Now what?

Things you need are domain , hosting hosting the site.

  • The domain is the address (name) of your website (for example ). If you do not own the domain for the website, You need to purchase.We can buy a domain for you from Titan Studio. Domains can be purchased for a certain amount of time (at least one year). The important thing when choosing a domain is his name, it is the first thing the client faces. When choosing it, it is recommended that it is simple and short.
  • Your hosting company rents a place for your web site on their server to be available 24/7/365 and to support a large number of visitors. There are many hosting companies in Bulgaria and worldwide. Prices vary according to quality. We at Titan Studio will help with your choice.

I have a website right now. Should I consider redesign or renewal and why?

Web space is a constantly evolving organism! In order to gain a competitive advantage, we believe it is useful to consider the website traffic and, if necessary, to update it. Moreover, if the website You've been to more than a year of discovering that customers are surprised by modern design capabilities, search engine optimization and affordable pricing.

Do I need the website to be mobile-friendly?

Yes! Mobile traffic is growing fast and has more than 30% of all Internet traffic. Search by mobile devices is increasing daily. If your website design is not mobile-friendly, You lose precious customers of your competitors! All TITAN Studio projects are fully mobile-compatible.

I do not want to pay for something I do not like!

You do not have to pay for something you do not like. Once you've shared your vision for your website, we'll make a mockery to see it. If you do not like the model, we can start over again and make a different pattern. You will share your mind to rework it according to your taste. I will not make a complete site building unless you are satisfied with the model you will be presented to.

What is SEO and why do I need it?

Search Engine Optimization - these are a set of unwritten rules that, if followed, make your site more prominent on the search engine's search page.

Finding the site on the internet begins with a good website. Applying a search engine optimization strategy will help increase its ranking in charts. There are no shortcuts! Regular writing of content, as well as choosing the right keywords according to your optimization strategy will contribute to ranking in the search engines. We recommend that customers deal with the processing of regular content, such as blog posts; We also offer social networking and content management services to help optimize SEO.

When do I have to submit all the content / materials for the work?

Site materials are preferred to be provided at the start of the project. However, you can provide additional content throughout the design phase. Please note that sending additional content or changing any content at any time The project development phase can lead to shifting deadlines and pre-agreed price.

I do not have any materials or images for my new website. Can you give me a hand?

Of course, we can meet with you to find out more about your business and industry and offer services for writing Content or filming as an add-on to any website project.

How long will it take for my site to finish?

This response depends on the complexity of the website, the number of pages, images, content, add-ons / services, etc. We will provide a detailed timetable for the process in which we will identify the required requirements from our customers, Review dates and delivery dates. Please keep in mind that any change to our original plan may be Reflects on the schedule and cost of the project, although we strive to be flexible as possible!

Will I be able to update my site when it's ready?

Yes. You will have full access to the content of your site through a set of tools. If you use the service TITANGARANT We will edit everything you need in the specified hours of work. TITAN Studio offers one-hour training when purchasing TITANGARANT support.

And the payment?

Once the offer has been approved, we require 30% of the final agreed price to begin. In initial and light directions / changes we do not change the price, but sometimes with a larger discrepancy with the expectations of the client and the proposed offer, The latter is mutually modified to offer exactly what the customer requires. Every need for change is discussed first with the client.

Payment is made by bank transfer or online with a card.

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