E-commerce means you can get into the hectic life of your client by offering the products you want when you want them.


Online means accessible

When customers decide to shop they start looking online. Your website is your showroom, where customers can explore your product and see why it is appropriate for them. Now imagine that the same product is just a few clicks away to be theirs. A well designed ecommerce site can positively influence purchasing decisions by showing your product in its best light and making it so easily available to make an order.

E-commerce and social networks

The world is now a lot more social on the Internet where clients are turning to social media like Facebook to learn or study products. For smart business, its presence in social media can boost their company prestige and promote site traffic and sales.

Priority Route

E-commerce offers businesses a vital opportunity to offer their customers 24/7 convenience. A good e-commerce strategy that adds excellent customer service and dynamic social presence in the mix can lead to greater traffic and better sales for your business.

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Payments in real time

You can accept payments by different methods - bank cards, cash on delivery, vouchers to many others.


Financial instruments

Easily define currency, price, delivery charges by location and quantity - full control along with any reports and analyzes.


Integration and administration

Full set of management and optimization features for customers, products, contractors and many more.